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Asset Leasing Premium

Earn Stable Monthly Rental Income backed by hard ownership of the asset.


Return Rate

BHIVE Platinum - Indiranagar

Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka



3 years

Min Invest

25 Lakh




15,000 sq.ft

Total No. of unit:  10



BHIVE Indiranagar Campus is Bangalore’s fisrt true campus Experience that houses both Coworking and Managed Office Facilities. This porperty is unique in both experience and design, set up to amplify the booming start up ecosystem in the city.

Distance To Key Areas

Asset Leasing

Earn stable monthly income from the purchase and leasing of assets to businesses.

100% Principal Guarantee


Low Ticket size

Portfolio Diversificaton

Site Location

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Any Indian citizen, HUF, Companies, and NRIs can Invest with Bhive.

REITs are publicly traded instruments. Investors buy and sell units of the REIT to receive
dividends and make capital gains.
The main difference between REITs and Fractional Ownership lies in the control the investors
have over the choice of property they deploy their capital into. REITs offer no control as the
management makes the choices after their due diligence, but with Fractional Ownership the
investor has complete control over the property and asset towards which their investments flow.
You decide to participate based on your choice. You directly decide when to enter/exit any
particular asset basis your own evaluation of rental returns and capital appreciation over time.
You can also visit the property to know exactly where you have invested.

For Indian residents, you will be paying taxes on rental payouts as well as on the capital
appreciation. Capital appreciation is subject to capital gain tax at applicable rates. The
applicable tax rate would depend on the period for which the shares and debentures were held
(short-term vs long-term).

Under Indian income-tax law, an NRI is required to pay tax on any income earned or sourced in
India. If the income in India exceeds the basic exemption limit, the NRI will have to pay taxes in
India as per the applicable slab rates.

SPV stands for Special Purpose Vehicle, which is created/incorporated under the law, as a
Partnership Firm, LLP, Private Company for a specific purpose.

You can Invest post your KYC verification on the Bhive Alts Platform. You can reserve a unit for
yourself with a 100% Refundable token amount equal to 1 to 5% of the amount you would like to
invest in the given opportunity.

NRI investors can invest through an NRO or NRE Account or from a normal bank account in
India. Your returns and sale proceeds, however, will be credited to your NRO account.

In the unlikely scenario where a property is not 100% Funded, the amount invested by you will
be refunded in full to your registered bank account.

Asset Leasing Premium
BHIVE Platinum - Indiranagar

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Min Investment:25 L

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Asset Leasing Premium
BHIVE Workspace HSR Campus

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Min Investment:10 L

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Fractional Real Estate
BHIVE Brigade Metropolis

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Min Investment:5 L

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