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Power of Compounding to Consider While You Look at Investment

Power of Compounding

You can increase your return on investment and savings by planning for significant life milestones and realising how well the power of compounding works. Compounding is demonstrated by the “snowball effect,” which depicts how such a small snowball enlarges as it rolls down a slope. This clarifies the importance of compounding.

Compounding works in a similar way to increase earnings by combining more interest ( capital growth) to money that has already accrued interest. Also, the exponential growth, which is characterised by increasing interest rates and current accounts, is a result of the power of compounding.

What Exactly Is the Power of Compounding?

The process of  adding more interest on exisiting interest is essentially what the power of compounding refers to. This refers to the sum of money you finance will make profits from both the existing principal and the receivable earnings from previous compounding periods. As a result, the power of compounding improves outcomes to the steady increase in your wealth.

Top financial firms in India deliver many investment choices that credit compound interest on the money you invest. These investment plans typically have a set period for compounding, such as daily, monthly, or even annually, allowing you to take advantage of compounding’s benefits as needed.

How Does the Power of Compounding Work?

Various investment options, including mutual funds and fixed deposits, reinvest your money’s earnings over time, whether from capital gains or interest, to help produce additional earnings.

Here is a fictitious example to demonstrate the effectiveness of compounding: 

Vijay and Geeta each put down ₹50,000 in a 10-year investment opportunity that offers a 10% annual interest rate. Geeta chooses compound interest, as opposed to Vijay’s simple interest. 

Vijay would earn ₹1 lakh after ten years. On the other hand, Geeta would make a corpus of ₹1.30 lakh. 

This is because, in Vijay’s case, interest was only calculated on the initial principal sum of ₹50,000. However, in Geeta’s case, the principal and interest from each year were combined to determine the interest for the following year. This significantly increased her income.

How Long Should You Consider Investing in Compound Interest?

The compounding’s most exciting feature is the ability to compound to earn interest on both the initial investment’s base capital and any prior interest. In general, the ability of compounding aids in the development of a wide base, which increases previous earnings with each cycle. 

Power of Compounding

Therefore, you should keep in mind that compounding’s strength lies in its ability to reinvest your investment’s returns. It means that you shouldn’t try to cash out your returns before the end of your investment. 

Else, you risk limiting the power of compounding’s proficiency to prosper your profits. Your financial goals and investment ability must be taken into account when selecting an investment plan and time limit. The further you want to go, the sooner you need to start investing so you have time to build up the ideal amount of wealth.

How Can Compounding Benefits Help You Save More Money?

  • Start Investing Right Away 

To increase the power of compounding, as with all worthwhile endeavors, you must begin your investments as soon as possible. For instance, if you begin financing your capital as early as you begin earning, compounding will increase your savings over time. You can give your money more room to grow by holding your investments for a longer period of time without withdrawing any cash from your returns because compounding’s power increases exponentially with time. You have more time with you and a better chance that your assets will attract more interest when you have a longer investment horizon.

Let’s look at an example to comprehend the power of compounding better. 

The age difference between Deepak and Ajay is one year. Ajay made an ₹50,000 investment when he was 25 years old into a business that offered a 6% annual return (compounded annually). The initial investment will increase to ₹1.07 lakhs by the time Ajay turns 40. 

In contrast, Deepak began investing when he was 35 years old; he made the same investment of ₹50,000 and earned the same rate of return, which was 6% per year compounded. Deepak would only make ₹59.75 thousand when he turned 40. This is how compounding works.


  • Choose Shorter Compounding Intervals to Have a Bigger Impact 

The frequency or interval at which interest grows is the other aspect of compounding’s power. In India, various investment options deliver a many compounding frequencies, including daily, monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. The impact on your investments increases with the length of the compounding interval.

  • Be Patient and Follow the Rules

To make a powerful and successful investment portfolio, you should first decide your priorities and stick to them. Then, to get the most out of your investments, you should use the power of compounding. No matter how much money you make, it would be best if you took the time to figure out your goals and preferences. This will help you understand and take advantage of regular long-term investments’ benefits and how compounding’s power works. 

Power of Compounding

Simultaneously, you wouldn’t be easily convinced to take money out too soon and affect your fund’s growth potential. Rather than focusing on quick returns, you must provide your investments sufficient time to grow into a lot of money due to the power of compounding.


The power of compounding has a lot of benefits. You can quickly make the most of your cash savings to help you reach your long-term financial goals. To avoid limiting your investments’ growth potential, you need to get an early start and exercise patience with them. To fully take advantage of the power of compounding, you must instead keep your money invested for a long time.

In India, you can invest in fixed-income and market-linked instruments that give you returns that keep growing. Simultaneously, if you invest under Section 80C, you can get many tax benefits. So, you can easily add to your savings with a lower tax bill. This keeps you on track for disciplined long-term returns for the rest of your life, thanks to the power of compounding. Overall, while limiting risk and keeping a long-term perspective in mind, you can earn profits by the power of compounding on the investments.

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