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 Refer your friends, family, or fellow investors to join BHIVE Alts, and you’ll enjoy earning up to 1% of their initial investment.

Our referral program is designed to reward you for sharing the BHIVE Alts experience with your network.  It’s a seamless way to grow your earnings while empowering your network to make smart investment decisions.

Steps to refer

Step 1

Download the app & locate your referral code in the account section

Step 2

Share your referral code with friends and family

Step 3

Encourage them to use the code while creating the account with us

Step 4

Enjoy earning up to 1.25% of their initial investment amount as your reward

Ready to unlock incredible rewards?

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Frequently asked questions

Share your personalized Referral Code with your Friends and Family. They can copy and use that code to create an account with us. You will earn an incentive up to 1.25% of their first investment amount.

Yes, there are incentives for the referee too. The referee earns 1% of the Invested Amount. This is applicable only on their first investment.`
Your Referral Bonus will be transferred to your registered bank account. If you haven’t completed the KYC, please reach out to the Relationship Manager to avail the Referral Bonus on +91 8150904488

Yes, on reinvesting with BHIVE Alts, you unlock the Loyalty Bonus. A loyalty bonus of 1.25% of the total investment amount will be paid out for those reinvesting via BHIVE Alts.

Anyone can refer from the BHIVE Alts app, however the Referral Bonus is different for Investors and Users.

If you are an investor, referring through the app can earn you can earn 1% of the first investment, and the referee can earn 1.25% of the investment. If you are a non-investor, by referring through the app you can earn 0.25% of the total investment, and the referee can earn 1% of the investment.

Want to know more about BHIVE referral program

You can get in touch with our Relationship Manager.

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Leave us your contact details and message. A dedicated personal relationship manager will be assigned your account and will reach out to you shortly.

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